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Are you searching for the latest information on how to protect your identity? Do you have unanswered questions about whether you are protected and safe?

Are you confused about all the information that you hear in the news?

• Need information on Identity Theft Facts?

• How are Identities stolen?

• Can I prevent someone from stealing my Identity?

• What is the best way to protect myself?

• What resources are available?

These are all great questions that need answers. The good news is we have answers!

If you have arrived at this site, you’re probably one of the countless thousands who may have been impacted by ID Theft. Or you may be concerned about how it could impact you or your family. This site is here to provide you with current information and resources that will help you answer those questions.

Where else can you find details on ID Theft Facts, how Identities are stolen, and effective ways to prevent and protect your Identity as well as a full resource guide and up to the minute news?

Before Identity Theft, finding comprehensive information and solutions was a tough task. Information was difficult to find and was incomplete and scattered.

This site is organized into six (6) easy to read and understand topics; each topic will provide you with important information about that topic as well as related topics.

ID Theft Facts - Learn about what the government says about the most recent statistics. Take a quiz to see what your risk is. Review general information about id theft; what is it and how is it done.

ID Theft Types - A comprehensive guide on the different types of id theft done today. This guide will provide you with detailed information in eighteen (18) id theft categories, what they are and what to look for.

ID Theft Prevention - Nine (9) key ways to help you prevent id theft. Topics covered include; Credit Card Fraud, Fraud Alerts and Computer Safety.

ID Theft Protection - Seven (7) important ways to protect yourself from id theft today. Topics covered such as Credit Monitoring Services, Credit Repair as well as a product review of ID Theft Protection Services available today.

ID Theft Resource Center - Provides a complete listing of government and credit company resources including contact information. If you are a victim we provide a step by step process to follow to restore your identity.

ID Theft Articles & News - Updated information that provide stories, news and trends regarding id theft, data breaches, and changes in regulations and laws.

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Identity Theft Facts
Identity Theft Facts that will provide the Definition of Identity Theft, current statistics, and history of identity theft
Types of Identity Theft
Description of the seven broad types of identity theft, three stages of id theft and a detail description of up to twenty five common types of theft; what are they and how do they work.
How to Prevent Identity Theft
Nine tips of how to prevent identity theft
Protection Against Identity Theft
Protection Against Identity Theft Reviewing of ways to protecting your identity including credit monitoring, credit repair. reputation management and product reviews.
Identity Theft Resource Center
identity theft resource center including a list of identity theft agencies and organizations to provide assistance for those impacted by identity theft.
Legal issues, policies, terms and conditions that you need to know about when you use the website
Contact Us
Contact Us Form
Business Fraud
Business Fraud Identity Theft Prevention checklist and Business Victim checklist
Business Identity Theft
Tips on detecting and preventing business identity theft as well as a business identity theft checklist.
Child Identity Theft
Information on child identity theft risk, key study findings, what steps to take if you suspect your child is a victim.
Credit Card Fraud
Explanation of credit card fraud and how it works with identity theft, five signs of credit card fraud and what steps need to be taken if you are a victim.
Credit Card Fraud Protection
Credit Card Fraud Protection, eleven (11) how to avoid credit card fraud do’s, five (5) don’ts.
Credit Freeze
How credit freeze and security freezes work and how it will help with credit repair
Credit Monitoring
Credit Monitoring and how to prevent identity theft, getting a credit report copy, what to look for on the credit monitoring report and what actions can be taken.
Credit Monitoring Services
Credit Monitoring Services Review, what do they do, how do they work and are they worth the money.
Credit Protection
Credit Protection list of top 5 things you must do to repair your credit.
Criminal Identity Theft
What is criminal identity theft and what to do if you’re a victim?
Cyber Identity Theft
Provide information and help on Cyber Identity Theft including how to secure a PC, type of firewall needed, what are computer viruses, securing a wireless network and other security issues.
Define Identity Theft
Define Identity Theft what it is and how it occurs.
Drivers License Fraud
Tips on how to prevent Drivers License Fraud
Site Terms of Use and Disclosures
Dumpster Diving
What is dumpster diving, can it happen to me, and what can I do about it.
Email Hoax
What is a email hoax or email scam and tips to protect
Fraud Alert
What is a fraud alert, how does it work and will it prevent identity theft.
FTC Identity Theft Information
Comprehensive list of FTC Identity Theft articles including how to Detect, Deter and Defend
History of Identity Theft
Description of the history of identity theft
How to Avoid Identity Theft
Solutions on how to avoid identity theft, inside the home, outside the home, the phone and the internet
How to Stop Identity Theft
How to stop Identity Theft eight ways
Identity Theft Blog
Identity Theft, prevent identity theft,identity theft protection,identity theft facts
Identity Theft Definition
Explanation of what the identity theft definition is.
Identity Theft Laws
Identity Theft Laws and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act (FACT Act)
Identity Theft Security
Ten Tips for Identity Theft Security
Identity Theft Software
Identity Theft Software checklist,five (5) tips of what to look for
Identity Theft Stats
Identity Theft stats top 10 facts and the aftereffects of identity theft
Investment Fraud
Ten of the top 10 investment fraud schemes described
Investment Scam
Ten of the top investment scam protection tips how not to be scammed
Medical Identity Theft
Medical Identity Theft types, what are the signs that your medical identity has been compromised. Four ways of detecting medical identity theft, three ways to prevent and what do you if you are a vi
Mortgage Fraud
Mortgage fraud explanation of how the process works and what to look for
Online Scams
Explanation of what online scams are including Hacking, how is it spread and how to protect against it?
Penalties for Identity Theft
Review of state and federal current penalties for identity theft
Phishing Scams
Phishing Scams explained, how they work and tips on how to protect yourself
Shredder Tips - types of shredders, what to look for
Shredding Documents
Shredding Documents 13 tips on how long to keep sensitive documents, what kind of shredder is best
Social Security Identity Theft
Social Security Identity Theft and Fraud, how confidential is my number, what precautions should I take, what do I do if someone is using my number and when do you need to get a new social security c
Social Media
Social Media Online Scams, what are they, what do they look like and how to prevent
Reputation Management
Reputation Management 10 mistakes to avoid in rebuilding credit
Victims of Identity Theft
Process to follow if your are victims of identity theft, contacts and phone numbers.
Virus Protection
Virus protection 9 safety tips to keep your computer safe
Wireless Security
Guide for wireless security to provide step by step method to secure router
Contribute to Identity Theft
Would you like to share your knowledge about identity theft? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.