Protection against Identity Theft;
How does it work?

If you’re like me, you may not have even thought about Protection against Identity Theft. Identity Theft probably happens to everyone else. If I am careful and I continue to be careful not much will happen, right?

News Flash – You’re exactly the kind of person the new breed of Identity Thieves is looking for. Someone who does not think Identity Theft is a problem.

OK, OK you’re probably saying I know it happens, I hear about it in the news all the time, so what are my options for protection?

Glad you asked. This is what this series of articles will detail, some of the ways for you to find the right method of Protection against Identity Theft.

• Identity Theft Protection Services

• Identity Theft Product Review

• Identity Theft Software

• Credit Freeze

• Credit Monitoring Services

• Credit Repair

• Investment Scam Protection

• Shredder Purchase Tips

• Social Media Tips

• Reputation Management

Identity Theft Protection Services – this article deals with the general question do you need an identity theft protection service and what are the criteria the buyer should look for.

Identity Theft Product Review - this article is review of some of better known Identity Theft Protection Services. It discusses the features and benefits of each company.

Identity Theft Software – this article discusses online services and what they do.

Credit Freeze – this article discusses what a credit freeze is and how it works.

Credit Monitoring Services – this article discusses the field of credit monitoring services how they work.

Credit Protection – this article discusses the merits of credit repair and does it do what they say.

Shredder Purchase Tips - this is a review discussing the types of shredders that are available as well as the features of each.

Social Media Tips - this is a review discussing Social Media including best practices with Facebook.

Investment Scam Protection Tips - a list of investment scam tips to help protect you reduce your chance of becoming a victim.

Reputation Management – in this article we discuss reputation management from the standpoint that you are a victim and want to fix your reputation, what the options are.

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