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The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provides a comprehensive page of information and articles on identity theft. Their website is a one stop referral system which provides information on how to Deter, Detect,and Defend against Identity Theft.

We have provided the FTC Identity Theft links as a convenience on this site to help you with your search for information and answers.

We will first look at how to Deter Identity Theft - how can you be smart about preventing your Identity from being stolen. This will cover anything from your personal information such as social security card through how you use the Internet safely.

We will next look at how to Detect common ways your Identity may have been compromised. This will include signs of theft.

We will also look at how to Defend against Identity Theft. What are the best ways to protect you and your family going forward.

Finally, we will provide information on how to file a Complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. This will include both the steps to follow as well as the forms needed.

About - Identity Theft

What is identity theft?

How do thieves steal an identity?

What do thieves do with a stolen identity?

How can you find out if your identity was stolen?

DETER - Identity Theft

How about Identity Theft Insurance? How does it work?

How to guard about using the Internet?

How do I get my FREE annual credit report?

How to protect my Social Security Number?

How to safeguard my wallet or purse?

How do you select good passwords?

How do you store information securely?

How to treat trash carefully?

How to safely share information?

What is a credit freeze?

DETECT - Identity Theft

How do you find out if your identity was stolen?

Should I use a credit monitoring service?

What are the signs of Identity Theft?

What personal information should I monitor regularly?

DEFEND - Identity Theft

How do I prove that I am a victim of identity theft?

Should I apply for a new social security number?

What steps do I take if I am a victim of identity theft?

What do I do if the police won't take my report?

What do I do if the police only take reports about identity theft over the internet?

What is a credit freeze?

What is a fraud alert?

What is an Identity Theft Report?

Filing a Complaint

Why should I file a complaint with the FTC?

What’s the difference between the ID Theft Complaint Form, the Identity Theft Report, and the ID Theft Affidavit?

When should I file a complaint with the FTC?

How do I file a complaint?

How does the FTC use the information I put in the complaint form?

What should I do before I fill out the online complaint form?

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