How to Define Identity Theft?
What is it?

Ask 10 million people how to define identity theft, and they each can share a different story about how their identity was stolen. Yes that’s 10 million. That is how many people were impacted by Identity Theft last year.

So what is Identity Theft?

The simple answer is: when your personal information is taken without your permission.

What personal information, you ask?

> Name

> Social Security Number

> Drivers License Number

> Credit Card Numbers

> Address

> Email Address

> Bank Account

The list goes on and on. This represents just the common personal information that is taken. The actual list can include other information like computer IP address as well as other Personal information like Medical records or Employee ID numbers.We have provided a more complete list Identity Theft Definition page.

Personal Note: This past month one of my friends indicated that he was shocked to find out that someone (cyber thief) had somehow was able to find out his drivers license number and social security number.

Now the really BAD news, this person who had stolen his information had applied for a "loan" in his name. I know this is hard to believe. And if your like many you probably think it is unlikely to happen to you.

So, how lucky are you? Friends, his is very serious and I can also tell you from personal experience having been a victim myself this is "serious" and does happen.

If you are a victim, you know exactly what I am talking about.

Think about the number of hours it might take to “fix” your name and “credit record”.

If you’re a victim you could be impacted by being denied loans for education or a mortgage. Or your “credit score” and “credit record” maybe tarnished.

Or you may be accused of a crime you did not commit. This is serious.

That is what is here to help you with. We have provided you with lots if information so that you can be informed of not only what Identity Theft is but how to prevent and protect yourself.

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