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Apr 12, 2018

FTC Identity Theft Information

Comprehensive list of FTC Identity Theft articles including how to Detect, Deter and Defend

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Jan 09, 2012

Identity Theft Answers to your questions

This site provides valuable information on identity theft including key facts, types of id theft being done today, ways to prevent from becoming a victim, and the different ways you can protect

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Dec 20, 2011

Identity Theft Resource Center

identity theft resource center including a list of identity theft agencies and organizations to provide assistance for those impacted by identity theft.

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Nov 19, 2011

Wireless Security

Guide for wireless security to provide step by step method to secure router

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Nov 19, 2011

Victims of Identity Theft

Process to follow if your are victims of identity theft, contacts and phone numbers.

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Nov 19, 2011

Types of Identity Theft

Description of the seven broad types of identity theft, three stages of id theft and a detail description of up to twenty five common types of theft; what are they and how do they work.

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Nov 19, 2011

Protection Against Identity Theft

Protection Against Identity Theft Reviewing of ways to protecting your identity including credit monitoring, credit repair. reputation management and product reviews.

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Nov 19, 2011

Investment Scam

Ten of the top investment scam protection tips how not to be scammed

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Nov 19, 2011

Identity Theft Facts

Identity Theft Facts that will provide the Definition of Identity Theft, current statistics, and history of identity theft

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Nov 19, 2011

How to Prevent Identity Theft

Nine tips of how to prevent identity theft

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Nov 19, 2011

Define Identity Theft

Define Identity Theft what it is and how it occurs.

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Nov 07, 2011


Very simply, I filled out standard new patient forms at my doctors office, one page contained all the info an identity thief needed to apply for loans

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Oct 18, 2011

Identity Theft Answers Blog

Current Identity Theft News

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