Credit Card Fraud Protection Tips

Credit Card Fraud Protection- do these DO’s

1. When credit cards arrive make sure you activate and sign the cards,

2. Separate credit cards from other items in your wallet such as a business card holder. So if your wallet is stolen your credit cards are separate.

3. In a secure place – keep a record of your credit cards and expiration dates and phone numbers for quick access in case your cards are stolen.

4. With all purchases involving your credit card - be watchful as to who has it. If possible don’t let it out of your sight.

5. On any receipts that are incorrect – quickly void and track the transaction to make sure it gets posted.

6. Save all receipts and compare against the monthly billing system.

7. Subscribe to a online service like MINT which will track all your transaction and send you a daily, weekly and monthly report of all of your transactions.

8. Review monthly credit card statements fully and look for any unauthorized charges.

9. Report any questionable charges to the credit card company promptly both calling and in writing to preserve your rights.

10. Notify credit card company at least a month in advance of any change of address.

11. If you are missing a billing statement call the credit card company immediately.

Credit Card Fraud Protection- DONT'S

1. Never lend your credit card to anyone.

2. Don’t leave your credit cards or receipt laying around your house.

3. Never sign a blank credit card receipts – always draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.

4. Never write your credit card account number on a check, envelope or any other document that can be seen publicly.

5. Don’t give out your account number on any phone solicitation unless you’re calling the company directly.

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