Identity Theft Software Checklist

Why do I need Identity Theft Software for my computer?

Good question, you do need software to guard your computer against identity theft . It is no longer optional but a critical need to protect yourself and your computer.

Criminals today target those computer users who don’t have adequate computer software protection. They routinely exploit computer vulnerabilities. I can’t tell you the number of calls I get from friends and colleagues who say I wish I had been smarter and taken care of protecting my computer like you had advised me.

Identity Theft Software checklist

 Anti-virus software – most computers initially come with this software. However you need to have a current version. There are free versions AVG and AVAST as well as paid versions like Norton and McAfee. The key to anti-virus programs is that they must be updated daily and setup as a resident program the scans your computer against viruses that may cause harm to your computer.

 Firewall software – most anti-virus should have this feature built in, but in case your version does not have this you need at least a standalone version. New operating systems like Windows 7 have this built in as part of their operating system. Firewalls add an additional layer of protection to your computer. Limiting access against Trojans and other types of malicious code when they are setup correctly.

 Password protection – If your antivirus software does not offer password protection you can also purchase a 3rd party software that will help you password protect you sensitive files and help protect banking and credit card websites.

 File encryption software – when you store files the best way to store is to encrypt sensitive files like bank statements that you have downloaded or other tax or personal information. You also may also want to store these files encrypted on a CD / DVD. These need to be stored in a safe place like a safe or safety deposit box.

 Email safety – use a encrypted protocol like SSL to send emails which will protect your emails.

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