How to Stop Identity Theft ?

What are the ways that I can stop or protect myself from Identity Theft?

So the question you’re asking is it possible, How to Stop Identity Theft? While nothing is a 100% fix to this growing problem, there are a number of tips and strategies that you can do that can help prevent identity theft.

Let’s look at some of the best ways to help prevent and or How to Stop Identity Theft:

1. Document Safety - Key documents like your Social Security Card and Passports must be kept in a safe place in your home. Never carry your Social Security Card in your wallet or purse. This is a number you should have memorized.

Do not put it on your checks or any other documents and don’t ever give it out unless the request is presented with a privacy notice from the requestor. Passports also need to be kept in a safe place and only taken out when you’re traveling. It’s also a good idea to make a copy of these documents and place in a safe place in your home.

2. Secure your Mail - Since stolen mail is one of the easiest ways for an identity thief to find out your personal information. Mail needs to be picked up from your mailbox daily, never leave your mail unattended overnight. In some areas a mailbox lock might make sense. If you leave on vacation place a “vacations stop” on your mail so that it does not accumulate.

3. Shredder - Purchase a good quality paper shredder. These are inexpensive and you can purchase at Costco, Sam’s Club or Walmart usually on sale.

Once you’re done with your monthly bills, receipts and credit card statements – shred them. This should also include anything that has your name and address printed even junk mail.

This simple step should provide you the necessary information on How to stop identity theft and reduce your risk regarding with “dumpster diving”.

4. Check your credit regularly - Monitor your credit card and bank statement monthly billing cycles. If you find your missing a monthly statement, don’t wait call and check the status. This maybe one of the first signs that an identity theft event is in progress. Don’t be shy, call!

5. Do you need all the cards you have? - Periodically review all of your credit and debit cards. Identity Theft Criminals love to find people that have open lines of credit that they can take advantage of. Also be extra cautious when your favorite credit card is up for renewal. If you have not received it 30 days prior to expiring, call and find out the status.

6. Secure Storage - Secure storage for all your personal documents is another key way to prevent identity theft. Look at purchasing a safe, or invest in a bank safe deposit box where you can store originals and copies of important documents including your social security card, copies of your credit card, passport and hard drives from old computers that may have sensitive information stored on them.

7. Computer Software to Protect your computer - How to Stop Identity Theft while using a computer, make sure you have adequate software protection for both antivirus and spyware(see…….). Additionally, it’s important to create a unique password of over 8 digits that contain a Capital Letter, Number and Special Character. Most secure websites today require that as the minimum acceptable standard. Also look at changing your passwords frequently. Memorize your passwords do not write them down and leave on your computer. Also avoid using birthday, addresses or social security numbers these are the ones that identity thieves will use first in trying to gain access to your computer.

8. Phone Solicitors - On all phone solicitations for charity verify who they are, and offer to call them back. Know who you’re dealing with. The same is true if you receive a call from a bank or credit card ask to call them back and verify who they are. Many unsuspecting consumers have been “stung” from this type of call. Also add your phone number to both the national and state “do not call” list, this will reduce the amount of inbound solicitations. Beware charities are exempt from that rule.

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